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About Opera Boots


Having worked to promote opera in schools since our college days, we passionately believe that access to real music in schools is a fundamental part of a well-rounded education, equipping students with a wide variety of skills that will aid them in all walks of life. We also want to share the joy that we find in our own professional performance with children and adults who might not otherwise experience the genre of opera. 

Working with a cast of five professional adult singers and 17 children between the ages of 4 and 17, we launched our flagship production of Puss in Boots. In November 2017 we gave four public performances in Bristol and began our workshops in schools, including a new Welsh translation for a school in South Wales. 

The reception to the production has been amazing, from both the participants and the audiences. Our aim is to bring shows like this to as many new audiences as possible.

PIB-S5 (31).JPG

"A fantastic achievement. The fairytale opera was thoroughly enjoyed by an audience whose ages ranged from pre-school to elderly citizens. The prinicpals and children's chorus performed with great stage presence and vocal expertise."

(Susan Weaver, Chairman, Bristol Opera, November 2017)

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"Just a quick note to say how great the operatic performance of Puss in Boots was this morning. I think it's superb that the children are learning and experiencing different genres. Just brilliant and completely unexpected."

(Parent, Ysgol Cwm Gwyddon, March 2018)

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